Gifting is our love language!
Afloat is a gifting app created to make gifting meaningful, timely and convenient. We love supporting all things local: shops, communities, and relationships.
a message from our founder
Sarah-Allen Preston, Afloat founder here. I’ve always been a celebrator of relationships. As a professional event planner, I know how important it is to celebrate the people you love AND how to have fun while doing it. But what happens when life takes crazy turns and the time meant to spend celebrating and supporting the people you love gets left by the wayside?

Afloat was created after two deeply personal experiences – my son’s open-heart surgery and divorce – left me wanting to show gratitude and thanks to my community but not having the time to do it. I realized that there was no platform that existed to help me support those going through hard times like I had AND celebrate the happy ones, too.

So, I created it, and gifting because Afloat's love language.
Afloat is a gifting marketplace created to celebrate the people and businesses you love, with the ease and convenience you crave. It’s a place where you can go to show someone you care, and it makes you feel good. At your fingertips, you can give gifts, support local businesses, and reinforce relationships. Better yet, Afloat uses technology to make these things easy and enjoyable, ensuring everyone reaps the real-life reward of doing good while feeling good.

We’re so excited to have you here with us!
Sarah-Allen Preston
our mission
To become the happiest place in the digital world!
Gifting on demand
Afloat’s technology allows you to shop curated gifts from local stores and have them gift wrapped for same-day local delivery or shipped — without ever leaving your couch.
Meaningful & convenient
Afloat marries the convenience of online shopping with the impact of shopping local, making supporting the businesses and communities you love easier than ever.
Celebrate everything
Afloat makes it easy to celebrate the good times and the bad — from babies to break ups, Afloat is the place to celebrate every type of relationship and milestone.