5 Reasons You Should Shop From Small Businesses

Happy Small Business Saturday! With COVID-19 hitting hard early last year, small businesses were severely impacted. While at first, small businesses feared the need to shut-down, their local communities gathered around them- thus, emerging the major trend of shopping locally. It is important, however, that this trend of shopping from small businesses becomes permanent. 

Now more than ever, we are seeing the need to celebrate and support our local small businesses! With afloat, supporting the small businesses you love within your community has never been easier. This app is your one stop shop for all your local gifting needs offering gifting-on-demand from your favorite local stores! Sign up for our waitlist here to help celebrate and support local.

Here are 5 reasons why you should shop (and gift!) locally from small businesses:

  1. Small businesses offer a unique product selection you won’t be able to find through big retailers. 
  2. More love, thought, and personalized care goes into the products and packaging-from start to finish!
  3. You get personalized customer service. The employees of a small business value every customer and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure they have the best experience using their products or service.
  4. It helps the local economy by providing more local jobs.
  5. You are not only supporting your local community, but also your local entrepreneurs dreams! It isn’t one large corporation, or group of stockholders, behind your favorite local business- it’s real people!

We’re so excited to have the following local stores on afloat for gifting on-demand! Click on their names below to check them out and stay tuned for our Kansas City relaunch and our Dallas launch! 

Kansas City Stores:

ACE Publishing 

Bag & Baggage



Fitz KC

Golden & Pine

Grazing KC


Lauren Alexandra

Learning Tree

Long Lost Cold Brew

Madi Apparel

Mere Fille Designs

Mer | Sea

Pendleton Jewelry

Sharyn Blonde Linens

Swoon Cookies

The Little Flower Shop

The Little House

Up, Up, & Away


Vain Foods


Dallas Stores:

Boxed Bites 


Forget Me Not 

Hazen & Co.

Holly Harris Designs 

JoJo Mommy 

Kid Biz

Kimberly Whitman 

Liz and Honey 


Madison McKinley Designs 


Mary Beth’s 

Miracle Milkookies 

Mr. Big 

Nicholson Hardie

Pointers Petals 

Sur La Vague 

St. Bernard Sports 

Sugar Boardz