afloat got a glow up!

I’ve never been more excited for a glow up in my entire life. 

Say hello to the new afloat. Not only did we get a beautiful new brand thanks to the talented folks at Night + Day Branding, but we’ve been working hard in Techstars Kansas City refining our product, our tech and future plans. And boy, do we have some amazing things to share! 

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First, I’ll start with this: we are so grateful for this amazing community. Thanks to you, we were able to successfully launch a beta product AND continue to learn so much about the power of connection. You stuck with us as we asked countless questions: how do you show up for the people that we care about the most? How do you show gratitude towards the people we love? What often stands in the way of celebrating your crew? 

We listened. We learned. We pivoted and made a couple other turns along the way. 

Say hello to afloat 2.0.  

afloat is a gifting marketplace created to celebrate the people and businesses you love with the ease and convenience you crave. At your fingertips, you can give gifts, support local businesses and reinforce relationships. Better yet, afloat uses technology to make these things easy and enjoyable, and then everyone reaps the real-life reward of doing good and feeling good. 

afloat is a space to celebrate the most important and valuable part of life — relationships and connection — in a joyful and fun way. 

While our product is pivoting, our mission to become the happiest space in the digital world by connecting to the relationships that exist in real life will never change. 

We are so excited to bring you the only app that makes gifting convenient AND meaningful. Yes, gifting from your favorite local stores can be that easy. 

Now that our brand is out in the world, we are heads down in tech. We’re building a new gifting-centric version of the app to be available by late 2021. Even better, we’re expanding to Dallas in early 2022 and have our eyes set to new markets in the next year. 

afloat is growing up, glowing up and making moves! We could not have done it without this incredible community behind us. 

Happy gifting!