Ambassador Highlight: Cayla Atha

Meet Cayla Atha, one of our wonderful Dallas ambassadors! When she isn’t coming up with delicious recipes for her popular blog The Savvy Spoon, she’s teaching Pilates classes. This woman knows how important it is to celebrate her community, and we’re so lucky to be able to help her do it.  

… Not to mention, she’s doing it all while pregnant with twins! 

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

What do you do for work?

I’m a Pilates Instructor/

Food & Lifestyle Blogger!

The Savvy Spoon // @thesavvyspoon

Tell us about a passion you have or a fun project you’re working on right now?

I’m passionate about my current project of growing twins!! I’m due in April with our first son and daughter! It has been so interesting learning more about how incredible women’s bodies are and how we can nourish our little ones before they’re born.

Unique fact about you?

Besides cooking, another passion of mine is music! I love so many different genres and am pretty good at remembering lyrics, titles, albums, etc.​

What do you love most about afloat?

Sending love to others from my couch! Especially as I get more and more pregnant and less mobile! 

Best way to celebrate your friends?

A fun girls’ lunch, flowers, bubbles & gifts!

Favorite gift to give on afloat?

I love gifting something that smells yummy so candles and scented soap are my go-tos! 

Psst: check out our Dallas Ambassador pop-up for Cayla’s gift on afloat: The Cayla!