Ambassador Highlight: Jessica Okpala

Meet our Dallas ambassador Jessica Okpala! When she’s not busy with her job as a labor and delivery nurse, she is traveling, going out with friends, and styling the cutest outfits on her Instagram @jessopeezy

Gift giving is her love language and she loves to send thoughtful gifts, especially with fast delivery. That makes two of us! ? Keep reading to learn a little more about Jessica! 

Hometown: Chicago 

What do you do for work?

I’m a labor and delivery nurse.

Tell us about a passion you have or a fun project you’re working on right now? 

I’ve always been very into makeup. I’m currently working on purging my whole apartment! I have accumulated so many clothes, shoes, home decor, and knick knacks over the years, and I need to minimize it all! I’m planning on donating most of it and selling the rest. 

Unique fact about you? 

I’m Nigerian! 

What do you love most about afloat?  

what’s not to love about afloat?! Gift giving is my love language and I love how easy it is to send someone a thoughtful gift especially with quick delivery!

Favorite gift to give on afloat? and to whom?  

I love the jewelry on afloat, it’s at a great price point and it makes a great gift for friends! 

Her Dallas Jewelry Fave on afloat:

Tortoise Earrings

From: Liz and Honey

PSA: we are live on the Apple App Store! Download afloat here to start gifting!