Ambassador Highlight: Megan Conlon

This week we are highlighting one of our amazing Dallas ambassadors, Megan Conlon! When she isn’t on mom-mode with her three girls, she loves to create unique content for brands through her website and Instagram page. She has her own personal blog where she shares her love of all things home, style, and gift-giving related – and of course, life as a mom!

Hometown: Dallas, TX

What do you do for work? 

I’m a wife and mom to three girls! In my spare time I have my website & IG page: @meganconlonblog where I love to share my love of home, style, entertaining, thoughtful giving, and life as a mom ?

Tell us about a passion you have or a fun project you’re working on right now?

Stepping into this Social Media world and having the opportunity to work with many amazing brands and ppl, has grown my passion for content creation. It has sparked this creative side in me that I have loved exploring. I always try to think outside the box and find other ways to use, gift, or style products. I’ve just found so much joy in giving my followers ideas for them to try & love to create unique content for brands to use in hopes of driving them more business.

Unique fact about you?

I LOVE giving gifts but funny about receiving them. It’s my love language to spoil my loved ones but when it’s my turn to receive, it’s just not my favorite. Is that weird??

Best way to celebrate your friends? 

Celebrate it all! Be there for the good and the bad. The big and the small moments too!

What do you love most about afloat?

I love afloat because it’s thoughtful gifting, while supporting local businesses. I have a huge heart for small and local business brands & I always look for ways to support them. Being able to shop locally from my couch, while thoughtfully gifting at the same time, is actually the best gift I’ve received in 2022.

Favorite gift to give? or gifting tips? 

Anything personalized. Or one that’s connected to a memory or an experience. And I always think of the presentation too. I’m also pretty observant, so I always try to use that tool to my advantage. Gifting is not a one size fits all and that’s why it can get tricky. But when in doubt, be observant… ask yourself, “What’s the occasion? What do they love? Their personality, or a fun memory you shared,” etc. Always plan ahead and remember, thoughtful gifting is not about the price tag… the most valued gifts are the thought out & the creative ones 😉 

Her favorite gift to give on afloat is…

Hoo Hoops from Saint Bernard