Ambassador Highlight: Sarah Juenemann

Meet Sarah Juenemann, one of our Kansas City ambassadors and the owner of Grazing KC! She loves to celebrate and support the Kansas City community through her eye-catching and delicious savory and sweet charcuterie boards. You can find her curated candy boards on afloat, and trust us – you do not want to miss out!

Sarah not only loves to support the Kansas City community with her local business, but as a former dancer and cheerleader, she is also passionate about cheering on the Chiefs and the Jayhawks in her free time. Psst: you can currently find Chiefs and Jayhawks themed candy boards from Grazing KC on our app so you can support KC’s favorite teams too!

Keep reading to learn a little more about this creative entrepreneur!

Hometown: Bay Area, California 

What do you do for work? Grazing KC

Tell us about a passion you have or a fun project you’re working on right now? 

I am passionate about our local teams- Go Chiefs + Jayhawks (as I am a former dancer/cheerleader), so I have been working on fun themed boards! 

Unique fact about you?

I am currently pregnant with my second little one. We are so excited for our growing fam!

What do you love most about afloat? 

I love supporting and shopping small businesses with convenience, while celebrating and connecting with others! afloat truly does it all! 

Best way to celebrate your friends? 

I love celebrating my friends through unexpected surprises- afloat makes that SO convenient.

Favorite gift to give on afloat? and to whom? 

Up Up and Away balloons, Hoopla nail polish, and candy boxes are my go-tos for any and every occasion.

Looking for the perfect sweet treat to help celebrate those special occasions?

Check out a few of our favorite gifts on afloat from Grazing KC below!

Sarah’s Gift of the Month: Celebrate Candy Box (you can find this in our ambassador pop-up!)

Perfect for a kid’s birthday, any party favor, or even just to celebrate yourself with a sweet treat!

Touchdown! Candy Box

Watching the Chiefs win is sweet! Make their wins even sweeter with this Chiefs themed candy box.

Rock Chalk! Candy Box

For the Jayhawk fans out there!