celebrate national best friends day

Whether they’re the Rory to your Lorlei or the Goose to your Maverick, today is a day to celebrate your besties. (Although celebrating your bffs definitely isn’t limited to one day) To celebrate national best friend day we rounded up a few of our favorite dynamic duos and the gifts they’re sending to each other on afloat today.

Ted Lasso And Coach Beard

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Cowtown Gift Box from Made In KC

Ted Lasso is giving Coach Beard the cowtown gift box from Made In KC to bring a taste of Kansas City all the way to the UK. This gift smells like potential.

Charlie Hustle Tee from ULAH

This Charlie Hustle tee from ULAH will make Ted Lasso feel like he fell out of the lucky tree and hit every branch on the way down landing in a pool of cash and sour patch kids.

Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang

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Mask Up from Stanley Korshak

Meredith is giving Cristina mask up from Stanley Korshak for much needed me-time after a long shift at the hospital. Throw on a mask and dance it out.

Hot Mom Shit Candle from Scoobie

Cristina is giving Meredith the hot mom shit candle from Scoobie to remind her that she’s a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind… and a hot mom too.

Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen

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Luxury Embroidery Art from Pendleton Jewelry

Blair is surprising Serena with luxury embroidery art from Pendleton Jewelry. A beautiful and chic gift for a bestie who has it all.

Estelle Wine Glasses from Talulah & Hess

S is sending B multi-colored Estelle wine glasses from Talulah & Hess for their next girls night at Blair’s penthouse.

Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott

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Ballsy Gift Set from Talulah & Hess

Dwight is gifting Michael the ballsy gift set from Talulah & Hess for his business trip to Canada.

Fern Desktop Garden from Gardenuity

Michael is giving Dwight the fern desktop garden from Gardenuity to remind him of Schrute farms while he’s in the office.

Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope

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Desk Favorites from Pink Antlers

Ann is surprising Leslie with desk favorites from Pink Antlers. A new notepad and pens for when she’s not jamming on her planner.

Say My Name from J. Margaret Weaver

Leslie is sending Ann personalized stationary from J. Margaret Weaver with envelopes pre-addressed to herself so they can keep in touch with yet another form of communication.

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