Celebrating Women In Business For Women’s History Month

At afloat, we love celebrating badass women: business leaders, entrepreneurs, moms, and more! Now more than ever, women are taking both motherhood and the business world by storm (many are doing both at the same time!) which is so important to celebrate.

Here are 5 awesome women in business stats to kick off the week!
1. As of 2022, there are about 12.3 MILLION businesses owned by women! (via Writers Block Live)

2. Over 800 new businesses are started by women every day (via Inc.)

3. The number of women owned businesses has increased over 114% in the past two decades (via Inc.)

4. A bigger majority of women over men have consistently earned bachelor’s degrees over the past decade. In 2019, 57% of total bachelor’s degrees awarded went to women, continuously expanding women’s place in the workforce post-grad (via Think Impact)

5. When starting new businesses, women-led companies grow by about 84% compared to companies owned by men that grow by 78% (via Writers Block Live)

We’re happy to highlight and celebrate the positive impact of women in business as an all-female team continuing to grow. Being a badass woman in the business world like our amazing founder Sarah-Allen Preston has its road-blocks and challenges, but the reward of seeing women in business succeed is SO worth it!