Friendship Friday Feature: Celebrate Everything!

This #friendshipfriday, we are so excited to launch our series: Celebrate Everything – where we feature stories of friendship, and how afloat has helped reinforce and celebrate those special relationships through gifting and supporting your people.

For our first story we’re excited to share the story of Colby, Austin, Elizabeth, and Mallory – four badass entrepreneurs in Kansas City!

Meet Colby and Austin, the talent behind Bohemi Hair

Meet Elizabeth and Mallory, the masterminds behind Kobel & Co.

You might be wondering, how does the world of hair styling and interior design collide? In the chair, of course! What started out as a client and hairstylist relationship, quickly turned into a friendship for the books!

How long have you all known each other and what makes your friendship so special?

Elizabeth and Mallory: We’ve known Colby and Austin for collectively ~9+ years. They are THE gals in town for a confidence boost and the absolute dream team. 

Colby is the sweet to Austin’s sass and being in their chair is like sitting at Steel Magnolias.  Their clients are loyal because of the people that they are as much as their (amazing) talent. Be ready to laugh and walk out feeling like a shiny new penny inside and out.

Austin and Colby: I have known sweet Mallory for 9+ years. Started out as a client and hairstylist vibe, and VERY quickly turned into friends. We have been through marriages (mine), babies (ours), and starting our own businesses, to everything in between! Had the pleasure of adding in and completing our love fest when Mallory’s business partner Elizabeth started going to Austin (my bff and business partner). From there it was all over, and we now sync up appointments so the four of us can laugh, cry, and solve all the world’s problems while doing hair! 

There is no one in town creating livable upscale designs like these two! Mallory is like a sister, and Elizabeth brings this Beyoncé energy that you can’t get enough of! Truly couldn’t be a more perfect pairing of client and stylist with the four of us! 

When C*vid hit one of the four recently…what else to do but send some extra love (and gifts) her way! 

Enter afloat. Gifts for mama and for the kiddos – the perfect ‘tine package! 

“To be sick with your kiddos is the worst! Afloat made it SO easy to send something curated for both momma and kiddo.  I knew it would be something fabulous and knew it would support other local small biz to boot.  Win win!”

Gift, Gift Hooray!

“When I opened the door (in the thick of the whole house with C*vid, while my husband and I trying to entertain a three year and eighteen month old) it instantly put a smile on my face and I felt loved! It’s silly but until you are quarantine in your house you don’t understand your love for apps that can deliver you pretty much anything you want. Anything but love and being seen.”

“Afloat did that instantly, with the beautiful display of how everything is package to the fact that it was exactly what we needed! The flowers were my happy, while the kids STILL play with the play-dough sensory kit everyday. Beyond thankful!”

Stories like theirs cue all the tears and happy dances here at afloat!

We are so happy to play a small part in helping you celebrate and support their people! Check out our instagram @afloatlife – where we feature more #friendshipfriday stories like these every week!