gifting etiquette 101: graduation gifts

Ah, sweet summertime. The time for late nights and outdoor parties. The time for the pool, vacations and summer fun. 

It’s also the time for graduations and transitions. Whether you know someone who is graduating from college or high school, summer is the season to celebrate them. 

Graduation usually takes place in May or June, but what’s the deal with graduation gifts? Especially if you have a child or friend’s kids that are in this season of life, graduation gifts can feel overwhelming. 

We’re here to help. In an unofficial poll on our Instagram, we asked what are your questions when it comes to gifting etiquette? We received two on graduation gifts: 

How long do I have to give a gift for someone who is graduating? 
We all know that for weddings you have up until a year after the wedding, but what about graduation? Graduation gifts can be given throughout the season. If you have a high school graduate that’s heading off to college, just make sure to give them something before they leave in the fall. 

Do I have to send a graduation gift if I receive a graduation announcement? 
According to Emily Post, getting a graduation announcement in the mail does not mean you must give a gift. Although it is nice, it is not expected. Being invited to the graduation ceremony or a graduation party on the other hand is a different story. 

There you have it! Take the stress out of graduation gifting (and the worry of tote-ing around gifts in your car all summer, hey we’ve all been there) by sending a gift on afloat. Take a look at our graduation gift guide and send a same-day gift, wrapped and delivered directly to your graduates doorstep. It can be that easy :).