Gifting Etiquette 101: Holiday Weekend Thank You Gifts

It’s the day after a holiday weekend, and you’ve got unpacking to do, chores to finish and tons (I mean, tons) of laundry. You also have to properly thank your friend for hosting you at their house all weekend. We know this feeling all too well: your to-do list feels overwhelming. 

We’re here to help. Here are some of the most common questions when it comes to gifting etiquette on thank you gifts.

How long do I have to send someone a thank you gift? 

The rule of thumb is usually to send a thank you as soon as possible. Yet, we get it – life gets in the way. 1-2 weeks a good deadline to hold yourself to. 

How do I make my thank you personal? 

Sending gifts on afloat ensures they arrive with a personalized hand-written note.

What about bringing wine or a perishable item? 

The best type of gift to bring is a gift that doesn’t require opening right away (as this would also take the host away from her guests). Wine or food may require the host to serve right away. The exception of course to these would be if the host asked you to bring wine or food to serve at the party. 

Our favorite go-tos for thank you or hostess gifts are things that would be lovely in their home or flowers or a perishable item before or after the event (cough, cough a perfect thank you gift). Take the stress out of sending a thank you and let afloat handle it for you. Send a same-day gift, wrapped and delivered directly to your host’s doorstep. It can be that easy :).