Kansas City Ambassador Highlight: Aja James

This week we’re highlighting one of our Kansas City ambassadors! Meet Aja James: a wellness expert, KC lover, and proud dog mom to Taz and Bugz! Aja is passionate about supporting the local community and helping everyone around her feel their best.

Keep reading to learn more about Aja!

Kansas City!

What do you do for work?
I am the co-owner of Flexy. We are an on-site wellness provider for apartment communities, businesses & hotels. We serve over 70 complexes and businesses and have a team of 13 (and counting)!!

Tell us about a passion you have or a fun project you’re working on right now?
My biggest project right now is planning our wedding! We will be getting married in May of this year and we are getting into the nitty gritty details of planning & designing the big day!! Other than that my passion would be my 2 dogs, Taz & Bugz.

Unique fact about you?
I did competitive horseback riding when I was younger and during 2020 I started again for fun!

What do you love most about afloat?
The fact that I can buy local AND have it delivered. Normally I have to pick between the two…shop local or quick delivery, but not anymore!!

Favorite gift to give on afloat? and to whom? 
Candy boxes from Grazing KC and the 8 oz. four pack from Long Lost Cold Brew to my friends or clients that might be having a hard week or day. Such a good pick me up!!

Best way to celebrate your friends? 
I love quality time & gift giving. So spending time with them and bringing along one of their favorite items!