Kansas City Ambassador Highlight: Karlie Stroup

This week we are highlighting one of our Kansas City ambassadors! Meet Karlie Stroup: a fashion, fitness, and lifestyle blogger (@aylensblog), KC lover, and a girl mom of 2. She has a passion for supporting local and working with brands and businesses in the Kansas City area to help them reach new goals and new people!

Keep reading to learn more about Karlie!

Hometown: Norton KS 

What do you do for work?

I run our household.  I take care of 31 acres, 2 kids, 2 dogs, chickens and a busy Hubby! I enjoy working with KC local and national brands and businesses to help them reach new goals & new people! 

Tell us about a passion you have or a fun project you’re working on right now? 

We want to start renovating the kitchen and also are working to rebuild a barn before Spring.  We will be adding some fainting goats and maybe a couple kittens plus more chickens. It’s always an adventure over here. 

Unique fact about you? 

I’m definitely more country than you would presume after meeting me for the first time. I also LOVE sports. Playing them and watching them.  

What do you love most about afloat? 

I love that I can gift items from local businesses to friends and family in the area.  Flowers & Chocolates are great, but a special candle or fragrance with a cute KC Beanie is WAY better.  Customizing gift giving is the best! 

Best way to celebrate your friends? 


Time is the best gift to give, but sometimes we just simply run out of it because life happens. When that happens, there is afloat & the promise of another time to get together! 

Favorite gift to give on afloat? and to whom? 

I gifted Nate his favorite fragrance from ULAH and he loved it.  I also can’t wait to gift the Grazing KC snacks & I’m looking forward to gifting some accessories and KC apparel. 

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