Like A Mother Series – Feat. Lauren Vaughn From Life Refined

Welcome to a special blog series in honor of Mother’s Day: Like a Mother.

Here at afloat, we’re all about celebrating everything and that includes making Mother’s Day special for everyone. We know that not everyone has a perfect relationship with their own mom, may not have a mom or may have trouble becoming a mom themselves. That’s why it’s our job to make everyone who is like a mother (strong, powerful, nurturing, and a badass) feel celebrated on Mother’s Day.

To do so, we asked our store partners (many of them moms themselves!) how they celebrate Mother’s Day, and most importantly, how they describe a person who feels like a mother, whether biological or not.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the caretakers and nurturers out there. We celebrate you! In this edition, we sit down with Dallas store owner Lauren Vaughn from Life Refined.

afloat: Who is the person you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day? 

lauren: We are celebrating all of the special moms in our family this Mother’s Day! We are lucky to have two amazing moms who are our inspirations, mentors, and best friends. In addition to our own moms, Lauren is a new mom this year to a baby boy and Browning is the best dog mom. Our furry friends need all of the love too! This is such a special Mother’s Day for our growing family!

afloat: What is one word that you use to describe a person who feels like a mother to you?

lauren: Supportive! Our business wouldn’t be where it is without the support & mentorship from our moms. In the early days of Life Refined, we relied heavily on the advice from our parents and siblings, many who have started and run their own successful businesses. Our moms were there every step of the way, through the tough times in the beginning to celebrating our biggest milestones. We couldn’t have made it this far without them and we are forever grateful

afloat: What’s your go-to gift from your store to celebrate someone who feels like a mother to you and why? 

lauren: Who doesn’t love the gift of organization! Our Life Refined gift cards are the perfect gift for all of the moms out there! Whether she wants us to tackle the playroom, refine her closet or refresh her pantry, we are here to help! Our gift cards range from 2 hours6 hours and include a complimentary consultation where we see the space and talk about the goals for the project. Give your mama the gift of organization!