Selfless Squad

Say Anything with our Squad: Carolyn Huggins

Welcome to our first rendition of Say Anything with our Squad. First up? Meet Carolyn Huggins – mom of two adorable boys and a founding member of our afloat hype ladies. We got to sit down with this wonder woman and talk about why she uses afloat, her mom superpower and how she is focused on raising kind kids. 

1. Tell us about your afloat groups! 

When afloat started, I was initially part of a few local KC groups. Now that the new app is about to launch, I hope to grow and continue to be a part of more local groups – I love when I’m able to help out! Little to small acts of kindness are the bread and butter of what we are doing here. What I’m really passionate about starting and getting going in afloat is the Kids Kindness Club, a group focused on raising kind kids by teaching and showing kids acts of kindness and how it affects not only themselves, but the world around them. 

2. What’s a superpower of yours that you didn’t know you had before becoming a mom? 

This is a hard one! I think it would be my “back-up battery power.” Like those days when you think your energy is gone– but as a mom your battery life can never be depleted, so the back-up power kicks in! 

3. Best advice you’ve ever gotten?  

Everybody Love Everybody – Jackie Moon from the movie Semi Pro ?. So random, but my husband is actually the one to introduce this phrase to me. We use it and discuss it frequently at home. We catch ourselves often saying “ELE” for short! It’s simple, easy and just makes sense!

4. What’s your go-to self-care? 

Depends on the day! Some days my best form of self-care is getting in my car and listening to really loud music with the windows down (and no kids!). This music typically includes really awesome rap from the 2004-2011 era (think Ja Rule). Other days… and this probably sounds crazy to some, but my best self-care is having a day with my kids (when their behavior is ??) I’m able to truly enjoy the moment with them: playing with them, and being able to reflect on how thankful I am for them and this life my husband and I have built. I have found that with the typical self-care of getting my nails done, massage etc., I still think about my kids or other things going on in our lives that cause stress. When I’m able to put my phone away and play with my kids, it gives me the opportunity to use my “kid brain” and forget about all the stressors that we have as parents. 

5. If you could give one thing from one of our Gifting Partners to three of your best friends, what would it be and why? 

This is a tough one. What I love about the Gifting Partners is that there is enough variety that you can really specify it for your friends and family and whatever the purpose is that you are sending something. With the holidays coming soon, I can see myself sending a lot of Swoon Cookies or Mer-Sea cozy wraps! afloat makes it so easy.