Ungiftables Series – feat. afloat founder sarah-allen preston

We live by two words here at afloat: Celebrate Everything. Those two words are our north star – but what do they really mean? You pop the champagne and celebrate the good times. You send some love on a random Tuesday, just because.  But what happens when someone close to you is going through a hard and messy time? What do you do then? Those “ungiftable” moments are why afloat was started in the first place. To take the guesswork out of gifting and to make it as easy as possible to celebrate the people you love whenever they need it the most. 

Welcome to the latest edition of the Ungiftables: what to do, say or give in those hard situations with the experts who have been through it. We welcome back Sarah-Allen Preston, afloat founder, CEO and mom of three to chat about what it’s like to be a single mom on Mother’s Day, how she finds joy for herself and how to support others going through a similar situation.  

afloat team: Let’s dive right in. What was your first Mother’s Day like as a single mom? How did you celebrate YOU?
SAP: I had sort of a surreal first Mother’s Day as a single mom because it was during 2020 COVID. I had my boys with me at our family’s ranch for like… 6 months… so there was a lot of mom time. I definitely felt like a badass single mom as I had them all on my own for so long, but real talk… my mom was there helping me every step of the way! So my first single Mother’s Day was extra special because we were there with my mom who was helping me navigate this new reality. 

afloat team: We know that single mom-ing carries some of the heaviest burdens. What were some of the ways your community showed up for you in your new parenting journey?
SAP: My friends always made sure I was included in things, which meant SO much to me. Even if I couldn’t make it – or didn’t want to take time away from my kids- it felt good to know my people were there for me. I also had so many amazing thoughtful gifts show up at my door that first year. It really made me feel connected. You never know what someone is going through, and there is so much frustration with coparenting… sometimes a little pick-me up (it literally doesn’t matter what it is) at your doorstep makes all the difference in your day!

afloat team: The whole world seems to celebrate, but Mother’s Day isn’t always the cheery holiday that social media and the outside world portrays. In your opinion, what are some ways to lend support to someone who may be experiencing extra grief this Mother’s Day? 
SAP: Suggest a walk just to let them know they have someone there for them. I’m a huge believer in the power of walking and talking. Best therapy everrrrr. I’m planning on sending my single mama friends a little gift too. 

afloat team: What is one thing to avoid doing or saying to someone who is carrying a lot on Mother’s Day?
SAP:  I think instead of avoiding saying something we should think about what TO say. Acknowledge how hard what they’re doing is, and how amazing they are for doing it. Whether that’s thriving or just surviving, all moms – especially single moms- can use all of the positive affirmation that they are doing a great job. That’s what we all need more of!

afloat team: Mother’s Day is to honor all who nurture, support and love us. What is one word that you’d use to describe someone close to you who is like a mother?

afloat team: What are your go-to picks on afloat for celebrating all who nurture this Mother’s Day?

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