why sending a gift on afloat is so much better than amazon

We’ve all been in this scenario: we need to buy a gift for someone that we care about, but we don’t have the time to do it. What do you do? Turn to a big box retailer like Amazon where you know you can buy a mediocre gift with same-day delivery? That’s an option, but you also have that sinking feeling that you might be throwing in the towel and you’re worried that the receiver will realize it, too. 

With afloat, you never have to worry about “the Amazon look” ever again. Sending a gift with same-day delivery has never been easier AND you can rest assured that you are doing so, all while supporting small businesses in your community. Sending an afloat gift means that you chose from a list of top-curated gifts from popular stores in your city and took the care to send it via afloat. Say see you later to cardboard packaging and paper gift receipts that often get thrown in the trash and hello to hand-written notes in beautiful gift wrap. 

We. Are. Here. For. That.